Arranging a basement bathroom

basement bathroom layout

Arranging basement bathroom will let you reduce your project costs for over 30%. This economy will become possible due to the close proximity to the water mains and drain collector. You will save on expensive pipes and plumbing fixtures. In addition, the piping would require compromising the integrity of intermediate floors, it can affect its strength and lead to cracking. If you make plumbing installation yourself, you should at least get a consultation of a qualified expert.

It will be a kind of an “insurance” from the possible errors and it will save money. To install bath for the basement’s bathroom you need to choose a place that requires minimal redoing and which is located close to the water pipes. The best option may be a small space in the corner which may be equipped with baffles from any inexpensive material, such as water-resistant gypsum board.

Electrification of the bathroom in basement is recommended to entrust a professional electrician: this high humidity area requires a special electrical fittings and equipment. The floor can be made of cement: it is the easiest, cheapest and most traditional way of flooring this area. It is not the best aesthetic looking variant, but you can use special mat-lined water resistant rugs. Even if you place them over the unpainted cement floor, the bathroom will look festive, if the rugs are bright and have unusual texture. You can also tile the floor with large tiles and pick the smaller ones for the walls.


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