Bathroom storage cabinets materials

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Picking the right bathroom storage cabinets is a rather difficult task. When choosing this stuff the buyer meets a wide choice of collections from various manufacturers. Remember one important recommendation: when buying a bathroom storage cabinet choose the unit designed especially for this room, as it provides protection from humidity, cleaning solutions and detergents. Materials, the unit construction and the design itself should be the main criteria for picking this item.

• Wood cabinets

Wood is a traditional furniture material, but it does not tolerate large difference in temperature and humidity in the bathroom: it deforms fast. Therefore, experts advise to use wooden furniture only in large bathrooms with good natural ventilation.

• Particleboard and MDF

All the items made of these materials are covered by a special coating that provides good water resistance. Wardrobe bathroom of these materials has the best quality / price ratio. Due to the special quality MDF storage cabinets for bathroom designs and shapes vary.

• Plastic

This cheap and lightweight material which can easily take any shape and can have any color, is resistant to moisture. However durability and strength of plastic is not the best one. The surface of this material can easily get scratched, even when you wipe it with a cloth.

• Metal and glass

These are materials which are used mostly in storages details. The units which are all made of these materials have one minus: high price.

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