Fascinating and chic retro living room

retro living room ideas

Retro living room is designed to turn us back to the fashion of 50s, 60s and 70s years of the previous century. The style is recognized by bright and flashy color schemes contrasting each other. It can be presented by red sofa with blue carpet and yellow-black wallpapers.

The furniture is likely to be simple and not expensive, with textile upholstery. The abstract shapes are welcome and appropriate. The usage of floral ornaments will also be effective. An orange color was very popular in 60s, so ultra orange sofa in your room will create the required atmosphere. The curtains are the important point. Use heavy dark ones with geometric shapes. The accessories need special attention. There are several ideas of creating really retro style, not only by using vintage living room furniture. The old fashioned telephone will look great. Use old fashioned cups and plates to put on the vintage dining table.

Lamps and light play a great role in the decorations of the interior. The lava lamp or artificial gasoline one is appropriate. The final addition to the interior will be properly chosen vintage pictures, depicting interesting ornaments and portraits.


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