Interesting shoe storage ideas

shoe storage ideas wall

Shoes are part and parcel of our style, so every shoe-lover must think over suitable shoe storage ideas. The easiest and the most commonly used ones are a bench or a cupboard with shelves. They are usually wooden or metal, but other materials can be also used.

Numerous shelves will help to keep your footwear in normal condition and order. But there are several extraordinary ideas to store shoes. Apart from ordinary racks and shoe boxes you can hang them on a panel saving ground space. These panels can suit the shoes with high heels. Constructed under-the-bed sells will hide them from the eyes of others.

Storage sleeves over the doors are a way out for limited space apartments. Also there are a lot of other trifles to come in handy for storage. You can make up your own unique shelf from boxes, use a plastic or cloth organizer, stairs and hangers for saving them or remnants of tubes for creation of your designer’s shelf.

All of them can either hide your footwear from the eyes of your guests obtaining necessary doors, or show your wonderful shoes collection to everyone. These ideas are very various, so do not be afraid to develop your imagination and create something new. The most important fact is to be sure that your shoe storage idea would not spoil this wonderful collection.

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