Kitchen storage ideas which will help you to organize the space

kitchen tool storage ideas

Working at your kitchen interior design kitchen you can use the following kitchen storage ideas, which will help you to organize this space smartly, decorate the room and even enlarge the area.

• Enlarge the vertical space

Choose the open shelving and racks which are tall. It will let you saving the floor space.

• Use baskets

This kitchen storage idea is very old, but as always, practical. You can place several baskets on top of a kitchen cabinet and store there cutting boards or other stuff.

• Wooden boxes as storages

Large wooden boxes where champagne, wine or beer was sold, can become mini-cabinets for storing their tea or coffee cans.

• Office supplies as storages

Organizers which are used in office can be used in another place. If you have this stuff at home and do not use them, mount the items to the walls to store their supplies for cleaning sink and washing dishes.

• Old door organizer

If you keep in garage an old wooden door, take it out. Repaint it using bright colors and use as a kitchen utensils organizer.

• Using the door inner side

Attach racks and mini shelves to the cabinets doors from inside. When you open the door you can find easily the needed stuff; boxes with spices, kitchen devices or stuff for cleaning the room.

• Container shelving

This idea of kitchen storage will be good for those who have open shelves in this room. Place plastic containers to these shelves. Label each of them. You can keep there whatever you like or use often.

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