Small patio ideas to create cozy fantastic place

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If your space is very limited, but you still want to feel like being on resort, such small patio ideas like Italian garden and paved area around your house are the best solutions. Cobbled courtyard, surrounded by lush greenery with an elegant wrought-iron dining group in the middle are the things which can make an Italian style patio.

To surround patio with greenery you can hang pots with plants right on the fence. This small patio idea will save additional space. Pergola will make the area more bourgeois, elegant, European. Many plants, both potted and planted directly into the ground will add this place a unique and fresh look. Cut several of them and let the other growing luxuriantly.

It will create the atmosphere of a tropical garden. Place a small bench to sit at relaxing in the shade. Even if your patio is tiny, you can build there a small homemade fireplace. So do not be afraid to create it – it will give this place cozy and homey look. The beauty of the fire can not be overestimated. If you can’t use the fireplace each time you relax in your patio, do not deny yourself with a pleasure of watching the game of flames. Glass candle holders are suitable for this purpose better than others They reflect smaller lights many times, making the light brighter and more magical.

If you can’t make a round or a square fence, create a zigzag unit: this idea for a small patio is both practical and decorative: such a fence looks like a fairy tale attribute.


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