Space saving modern floating bathroom vanity

floating vanity for bathroom

Contemporary floating bathroom vanity is a great option for a small bathroom: it looks like a hanging cupboard or cabinet under the sink. This design seems weightless, as if it is frozen in the air. This illusion visually expands the space.

Modern floating bathroom vanities give the interior contemporary and stylish look, so that they can be installed in the large bathrooms as well. it is easy to clean the space and wash the floor under the unit, and no harmful microorganisms grow there.Great air circulation which is provided by the construction is also a big benefit of the stuff.

Modern floating vanities for bathroom are not scared of the moisture and water on the floor: they simply do not contact the floor. moisture such furniture is not afraid of, since it does not contact the floor. Inside your vanity you can easily accommodate a variety of personal care stuff, household, bath towels. The countertop of the unit provides the additional space to place there your cosmetics, perfume, soap and creams.

Such a floating vanity for bathroom makes the room modern, stylish, complete and comfortable. These items are very practical: you can comfortable freshen up quickly, work with your make-up, brush teeth. Contemporary floating vanity will hide sewers and water pipes, which spoil the bathroom look, accommodate a wide variety of things which you will place on the shelves of your vanity. Choosing the vanity material pick water resistant durable stuff only.

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