The choice and installation of basement lighting

basement lighting plan

The choice and installation of basement lighting is an issue that requires special attention. Due to the fact that this room has certain features that should be considered when organizing any electrical work, the wiring should be done professionally. Do not try to save on purchasing high quality lighting fixtures, safety devices and emergency stop, reliable cabling and wiring. Furthermore, additional costs may arise when you need external wiring, switches and sockets.

When you install lighting for basement security must come first. Do not think about economy: according to statistics, one fifth of private homes fires occur through the problems with the wiring in basement. It is important to choose the right basement lighting. The safety of the building and the quality of lighting in general will depend on the day you take a decision to pick a certain type of lighting. Lamps used to illuminate the basement should have good protection from moisture. Basement fixtures must meet the following requirements: durability, sufficient level of protection from moisture, safety.

All the lamps must be resistant to corrosion. Do not use non-protected bulbs, because upon exposure to moisture, they will burn out quickly, which could potentially lead to a short circuit. Only high-quality materials that can withstand moisture and biological factors should be used for organization of lighting in your basement . If you leave the house for long, turn all the lights off.


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