Tips for choosing living room curtains

flower curtains for living room

When you work at your home design and come to the point choosing living room curtains, you should consider the following moments. The major one thing is which side your room windows look at. If the windows are turned to the south or south-east, this space will be always sunny and light. It means you can choose darker curtains for living room.

They will protect the area from too much sunlight and heat. However these dark window treatments should not be used when the windows are turned to the north or north-west. These rooms locations do not let too much natural light and sun rays penetrating inside home. To make this area lighter pick clear or pastel curtains for the living room. Consider the length of these window treatments.

If a room is too small and has low ceilings you can make it visually taller, hanging your curtains over the window a bit higher than usually. A narrow room will look wider with wide window treatments. Consider the patterns on the curtains. Large and extra large rooms do not like small patterns and mini ornament.

Small spaces look smaller when the curtains have large bright prints. The material of this stuff is also important. It should match the room style: rough materials are good for rustic interiors, velvet is nice for classic designs, cotton and silk are universal. Some unique treatments for windows in eclectic living rooms can be even knitted.

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