Types and shapes of patio enclosures

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Many owners of private households today build and install modern patio enclosures. Such an enclosure looks like an additional room of the house which is built on the back side of it, or rarely- in front of the building. It has the same functions as any traditional patio: so that you can sit there with your family, rest, play cards or other table games, have tea. Kids can play there. Unlike traditional patio this patio enclosure resembles veranda more. It is made to provide protection from rain or snow, too much sun or other weather inconveniences. Such a patio enclosure is literally flooded with natural light.

It is usually installed on the cement floor, but the finishing of the space is only the matter of the homeowner taste. The extension, located on the wooden platform or deck provides additional space not only indoors, but also outside it. The whole family gets an additional place to relax, barbecue or active games for children and adults. If one of the walls is the part of a building the other side can be made from a glass. Transparent glass walls and sliding doors can be a great option for the construction of an additional room or veranda.

Today several types of patios enclosures exist. Choosing your variant when you order to build a custom patio enclosure you can pick round, square, rectangular, and irregularly shapes. The unit can be built like like an extension of the house, stand alone, or envelope around the perimeter of the house.


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