Types of front door handles

front door handle euro lock

Among the types of front door handles two main ones should be marked. The first one is stationary handles which are mounted directly to the door and never connect with the lock. Another one if door handles doorknobs (locksets). The second model is the knob or a mortise lockset which is connected directly with the lock mechanism. When you push or screw it, it is unlocked and the door is opened.

There are various types of these handles and locks. They are mostly designed for the home safety and have different levels of protection. Any front door handles is the element of the door which we come into contact every day, and possibly several times per day. Thus, it must be especially durable and have good quality. In addition, the door handle must be beautiful, its look should match the door design and even the house look. Today handles for the front doors are made of different materials, including metal, wood, glass and even plastic. It is important for a front door handle to withstand environmental and weather conditions.

The most favorable material for the handle to the front door is brass or stainless steel with polished surface. Another excellent material for door handles is anodized aluminum. It is also not recommended to varnish or paint handles. Soon these units are worn. The robust handle should provide the door safety. A good door handle must withstand high loads. Changing the door handle pick the one which will match the door construction.


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