Types of pool fences

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Installation of pool fences improves the pool area safety and helps to prevent accidents. There are different types of fences for the protection of the pool, and you can choose any of them. Some fences will not only protect children and pets, but also emphasize the beauty of the landscape. You can pick a decorative metal or vinyl fencing, which are the most pricey ones or install a mesh netting: regardless of the choice security and safety must remain a top priority.
Fences for swimming pools are classified according to the functions they perform.

  •  Multipurpose fenceMultipurpose fence allows you to enjoy the surrounding space inside the pool. For additional strength, it may feature mesh grid. The height of this pool fence should not be less that 3 ft. Make sure that the picket fence is constructed of high-quality wood.
  •  Confidential fencePrivacy is very important for a homeowner. Most people do not wish to have them watched when they are resting after bathing also. The best fence that serves this purpose will be a solid wooden fence for pool at least 3 ft in its height.
  •  Unusual fencesIf you do not care about the expenses for the project choose a decorative fence. Such fences follow the aesthetic elements, and wrought iron fence is their best representative. A fence made of wrought iron is more expensive than wooden fence. Unusual designer fences have a long lifespan and decorate your territory. If beauty is the main task choose a decorative fence.

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